The Trusted Executive Charitable Foundation has the privilege of supporting a number of Partner Charities.  Working in partnership with these Christian charities we impact individual lives – regardless of background or worldview – and seek to enable every individual to come into the fulness of their potential. Our mission is to build strong, high trust relationships with people across businesses and charities, and so facilitate sustainable, transformational change in the UK.  Working with business & empowering charities – through investment and leadership development – enables us all to realise our purpose within society.

Follow the links below to find out more about some of the transformational change these charities are accomplishing.

Cinnamon Network

Each year Cinnamon Network interacts with more than 1,000 local churches the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland. They conduct research, provide advice, deliver training courses and help churches start social action projects that transform their communities.

Grace Enterprises

Grace Enterprises

Grace Enterprises transforms lives through supportive employment in our sustainable businesses.

Based in Nottingham the first Grace Enterprise business was Radiant Cleaners – a multi-award winning cleaning company. The second business is Jubilee Events – launched in 2022 with the support of TTECF.

Purple Shoots

Uncovering hidden entrepreneurs. Our aim is to uncover, empower and enable Britain’s hidden entrepreneurs, to change things for people who are disadvantaged by circumstances, health or disability and are left behind by the economy. We believe everyone has potential and should have an opportunity to fulfil it.

Shine Youth logo

Shine Youth

Every young person has great value and potential. So Shine Youth is committed to support them to have good mental health, positive self-esteem and identity, and lives lived with hope and purpose.

Sixty One

Sixty One

Sixty-One is the founder of a Bristol city-wide partnership that supports prisoners before and after release. They enable individuals, churches, charities and businesses to provide the relational and community based support offenders need to live free from crime.